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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer something the large companies don't; excellent customer service and prompt installation and repairs.  We never have contracts or hidden fees and the equipment we offer is yours to own.  We will also work with you on any special service requirements including government discounts, off property installations, or unique connections.

None!  We quote our prices slightly higher than they actually are for convenience.  We are a business though, so Uncle Sam can change some tax rates from time to time.  This is beyond our control, but we'll always let you know when and why.

Some of our services do include one time installation or activation fees.

Basic internet activation: $47.50

Complete in home or business internet activation: $95.00 

New phone line for home: $15.50
Additional phone line for home: $13.50

New or additional phone line for business: $15.50 + tax

Add Caller ID: $13.50

Repair or install wiring in home: $16 per 15 minutes plus materials

We typically offer same day installation and activation on all of our services.  

If you have a special installation request or a new home under construction, please contact our office at (570) 745.7101 to discuss the details.

We can setup your account with any long distance provider you choose.

Pennsylvania Telephone offers our own long distance plan also.  There are no monthly fees or hidden charges, it's simply 5 cents per minute any time to anywhere in the continental United States.  If you don't use your long distance, you pay nothing.

We recommend turning your equipment off and then on again.  Do not ever push the reset button, this will require your equipment to be reprogrammed.  If the problem persists, contact our office at (570) 745.3101

If you have a separate modem and router, you must let your modem reboot first and establish a connection to our office (the DSL light will be lit, not blinking) before you reboot your router.

Don't Panic!

If you experience a service outage because of damaged caused by a storm, please contact our 24 hour trouble reporting line at (570) 745.3101

We will be happy to get our team out and get your connection repaired as soon as we can.  Keep in mind, if power lines are also damaged, they must be repaired and power restored before we can start our repairs.

If you have a tree on your line, we can help with that too.  Keep in mind we are not a tree maintenance company and the size and scope of your tree may be larger than we're able to clear. 


191 Middle Rd
Jersey Shore, PA 17740


Phone: (570) 745.7101                     
Fax: (570) 745.3666